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Our society continues to fight against hunger, mal-nutrition through mid-day meal program and pro-mote education amongst children.


Classroom hunger distracts thousands of innocent kids. As a Non-Governmental partner of the Na-tional Mid-Day meal Pragyavataran improves the nutritional status of school-age children. This pro-gram supplies free lunches on working days for children in the pre-primary bracket. Food menu developed by the all Women Volunteer team helps meet nutritional challenges for kids, for many the sole meal of the day.


Apart from the mid-day meal program, we also provide them with the opportunity to groom sports skills, quality education, extra-curricular activities and social awareness programmes for holistic personality development.


The Mid-Day Meal Program has played a crucial role in promoting education for children in the country, encouraging children to attend school and partake of nutritious and healthy meals. This has not only increased attendance of children at schools but also gives children the required amount of nutrition.



The ultimate goal of this program is to deter mal-nutrition and promote access to basic education. The incentive of a wholesome, nutritious meal is compelling enough for parents to allow children to skip work and join formal schooling.


With the successful implementation of the pro-gram, children supported by the society-

  •  Receive hot, nutritious meals every day in schools, protecting them from hunger

  •  Are encouraged to come to school every day and get education

  •  Have improved nutritional status, physical and cognitive development

About Us

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