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Society provides free treatment to underprivileged women and children patients with free OPD consultation, free medicines and immunisation programme and referral services to the government and private hospitals that provide free treatment for poor patients.


Majority of the project area are the urban villages and slums of Noida with majority of population belonging to migrants from UP and Bihar working as daily labourers and they are not able to afford medical treatment in private clinic and going to a Govt. hospital means loosing a day’s wage, naturally the maternal mortality, child mortality and morbidity, dehydration and malnutrition rate is increasing day after day in these area.


The percentage of literacy among women of lower middle classes is limited to being educated up to the of primary standard. So any intervention health center with referral services in case of serious illness will help these people to equip themselves for the betterment of their standard of health and hygienic condition.

Our Society conduct OPD s and HEALTH CAMPS time to time  for under-privileged people living in nearby Noida in our camps every year.

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