Nirmal Kumar is all of the above. And yet, these words fall exceedingly short of describing the self-effacing former IAS officer, who has almost reluctantly yet with great humility, accepted being celebrated by India’s leading dailies, literary legends and educational institutions alike, for his contributions to Hindi and English literature (more than 30 published works), over the last five decades.


‘Times of India’ has written, "Nirmal Kumar has emerged as one of greatest modern thinkers’’ while poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan spoke of him as - “Nirmal Kumar’s philosophy is free of preconceived notions and prejudicesNirmal inspires his reader to think freely in the light of truth.” It would be an understatement to say that his rare genius and original insights have the gentle power to change the very tide of thinking, offering a unique solution to the predicament of the modern times.

In recognition, Nirmal Kumar has been honoured with various accolades throughout his career, most recently the “Bharat Nirmaan Literary Excellence Honor 2018”. He has also been active in the international lecture circuit; C Pasterk (Head of the Philosophy Department, University of Nevada) had this to say about him: "Never had I experienced such a powerful impact of a speaker’s words on my mind.”

Bureaucrat. Author. Philosopher

His tenure with the distinguished “Indian Administrative Service” facilitated his deep understanding of the Indian spirit. He sees no contradiction between civil services and literature. As a civil servant, he has practiced restoration of mother nature’s beauty, collaborating with the “Eco Task Force” and overcoming the lime-quarrying mafia in the Himalayan foothills with the help of army officers and 400 jawaans for 6 years, to reforest the denuded Mussoorie hills. He brought people together and reinstated calm during the 1980 riots of Moradabad with the same philosophy, and later went on to serve as “Uttar Pradesh Government Special Secretary” for “Medical and Health” and “Higher Education”. And now, since 2003, he has guided with the same vision the conception and growth of Pragyavataran Educational Society, where we are committed to an all-inclusive education and
universal healthcare, through partnering with underserved communities, and serving with gratitude. Nirmal Kumar currently resides with his family in Dehradun.

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