About Us

Lifeskills Program for Girls: Udbhav (to arise from) is a Life-skills program designed for Girls and young adults to receive practical vocational training to rise up to challenges of the Labour markets. Social mores, customs and lack of awareness discouraged girls to aspire for Organized sector or contractual jobs, as limited literacy of Economy led them to find either comfort in informal jobs or were pushed against their wills to early marriage.


Some of the challenges faced by Girls and Women in our Country are:

  • Exposure to traumatic life situations & events;

  • Psychological & physical abuse;201

  • Low education / awareness;

  • Weak social support system;

  • Familial discord;


Millions of new jobs in the opening Indian economy coupled with Government of India’s Nation wide skill development drive are ushering new opportunity for all sections of society regardless of class, religion and geography. The PEDSO campus and classroom facilities are designed to impart skills that help hundreds of girls overcome disproportionate economics and realize dream of a empowered life for themselves and their future generations. “Udbhav” (to arise from), is its proactive initiate to provide Labour Market skillsets to 250 Girls from surrounding Marginalized communities to compete in challenges of the Jobs Markets. The first Batch of 250 girls from adjoining settlements are being readied for Jobs in the opening Retail and Healthcare Sector of India. PEDSO follows prescribed National Occupational Standards of Training in HEALTHCARE and 4 RETAIL TRADE funcitons. Select functions like Retail (Cashier, Sales Associate, Store-Ops Assistant & Trainee Associate) are speedily opening through Domestic investment and likely FDI’s. Key functions of Healthcae (General Duty Assistant, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Assistant & Frontline Health Worker equivalent to ASHA workers) will also be taught per scheduled activity of PEDSO.