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Under the “no child left behind” theme Anandam provides Informal primary Schooling to about 100-125 children free of cost and to fight classroom hunger and maintain the attendance and Interest the wholesome and nutritious ‘MANNA’ Mid-Day Meals are a way for children to meet their dietary requirements and enjoy meals with their friends.


Children who could not afford education or their family circumstances did not permit, can now step into the beautiful campus of Gaia. The waiting story teller weaves the magic of fairy land, teachers also allocate time for training in classroom formats and visiting volunteers share knowledge and wisdom all that children deserve. The swans, the rabbit and birds and the water, all gifted from nature are not for select few, similarly spreading the light of education and learning for all is to meet the mission of the Pragyavataran Education Society.


Though, the story teller can be volunteer, the regular teacher does not mind that extra hour to assist children with lesser means, however the mid-day meals bear a cost. For the hungry kid from settlements who makes it to school, fighting classroom hunger is unjust. PEDSO tries best to balance the fairytale with ruthless mathematics everyday.

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