We Are Pragyavataran

We are Committed to an All-Inclusive Education & Universal healthcare

Our Beginnings

In 2003, post his many years of service to the government as an IAS officer, dedicated to progress in universal healthcare, all-inclusive education, and environmental sustainability in the country, Mr. Nirmal Kumar sought to extend and further nurture his vision - the non-profit “Pragyavataran Educational Society” was founded on the touchstones of “ selfless service, grace, and gratitude”. We set up our first base at NS/02, Sector 93, Noida (Regd. Date: 18-02-2003, Regd. No : 1354/2002-03): FCRA and 12A Certified.

Our Model

Based on a unique and hitherto self-sustained model, we at Pragyavataran Educational Society; believe a wholesome childhood, an intellectually stimulating education followed by providing economic opportunity through skill building, is the noblest way to fight deep-rooted poverty and exclusion. Currently, we achieve this objective through our green campus in Noida Sector-93, wherein Gaia playschool is run for fee-paying children for the first half of the day, and revenue earned through it, enables us to run our charitable programs in the second half for the underserved communities, within the same world class facility. With these projects we aim to service two locations primarily, both obscured in generational poverty and in dire need of basic infrastructure:-


  1. Ghejha (semi-urban) village in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  2. Jaunsar-Bawar region (357 villages), Chakrata tehsil, Dehradun district, Uttaranchal (work in progress)

Our Impact

Till date we have served 1K+ students, young adults (Udbhav skills training) and families (healthcare initiatives). And yet, our most significant achievement is that which is intangible – This model of community’s engagement is changing lifestyles & attitudes, bit by bit, hamlet by hamlet, village by village and empowering peoples dispirited by generations of poverty, lack of access to basic of development.

Our Future and You

We are tiny giants! Currently small, but ambitious to transform 1M more lives by 2030 through both lofty vision and quantifiable scale. And while we have been self-sustained until now, there is only so much we can do with our limited means, without external aid. We wish to now expand our work in the remote and largely ignored (by development efforts formerly) region of Jaunsar-Bawar in District Dehradun, Uttarakhand and extend the promise of a rising India to the last mile. Our soft presence established in the area puts us in a position to activate an able team to render service in a Schedule Tribe/Caste region of treacherous hilly terrain.


You can make it possible with us! Will you be our partner in positive change? Volunteer, Donate, all welcome. For together, we can #dogood #bethechange #socialimpact #makeadifference #community #love #givingback #nonprofit #sdg #changemakers #bhfyp (if you join us, do tag us! Cheers)

Meet The Team

Ms. Ishanka Chauhan

Occupation: - Social Activist

Mrs. Rekha Tomar

Board Member
 Occupation: - Social Activist

Ms. Reena Shah

Board Member
 Occupation: - Social Activist

Mr Pragye Kisslay

President / Chairman

 Pragyavatran Educational Society

Mrs. Kalawati Shreshtha 

Board Member
 Occupation: Social Activist 

Ms.Kirti Naithani

Board Member
 Occupation: Social Activist

Mrs. Anita Tomar

Board Member
 Occupation: - Social Activist

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